On Friday 15th October 2021, Just Forests will mark World Food Day 2021 outside the Dochas H.Q., Pleasant Street, Dublin 8.

On Friday 1st October, 2021, human rights lawyer Steven Donziger was sentenced to 6 monts in jail by a Chevron/Texaco sponsored judge in New York. Chevron/Texaco have demonized Steven Donziger in an attempt to send a message to other human rights lawyers not to take on the fossil fued industry. I am calling on all Dochas members to challenge this abuse of power by Chevron/Texaco.

The purpose of this public display is intended to get the Dochas network of NGO’s to take appropriate action to stop corporations manipulating the legal process to avoid their responsibilities.

You can read the letter sent by registered post to Dochas on Monday 2nd August, 2021, here…Chairperson Dochas

Learn more about how the Texaco oil company destroyed a community in Ecuador.

In the Kofan language A’ingae, Amisacho refers to a place where a certain kind of reed grows: so sharp that they would use it to sever the umbilical cord after a birth. With the arrival of Texaco in the early 1960s the area became known as Lago Agrio— named for Sour Lake, Texas, Texaco’s hometown— and the Kofan’s way of life changed forever. Emergildo Criollo recalls the first time a helicopter flew over the territory: “Everyone ran and hid under the trees. We thought it was a giant bird.” https://www.amazonfrontlines.org/chronicles/water-kofan/

You can see other events Just Forests is organising to highlight this problem https://burt.ie/dates-for-factivists/