The Issue:

Amazon Chernobyl

TEXACO destroyed pristine rainforests and peoples lives


In its relentless pursuit of profits, Chevron-Texaco have left a trail of devastation in the wake of its Ecuador operations, which lasted from 1964 to 1992. The company has refused to acknowledge the judgement made against it by an Ecuadorian court which ruled against Chevron and ordered the company to pay $9.5 billion in compensation to indigenous communities affected by their operations in the Amazon. 

Their actions fly in the face of Ireland’s potential, as global leaders through it’s ‘Green New Deal’ in keeping fossil fuels in the ground. Also, it is important to note that Irish taxpayers are very proud, and rightly so, of their massive financial contribution to dealing with climate change and human-rights abuses in the global sphere through the Government of Ireland Official Development Assistance Programme. Texaco is undermining all of that.

You can read more about the devastating effects of Chevron-Texaco operations in the Ecuadorian Amazon here.



I call for a boycott of the Texaco children’s art competition


Get Texaco out of Children's Art

Don’t allow Texaco to Use Our Children