The Issue:

Killarney National Park – the first State Park to be established in the Republic of Ireland is on the brink of ECOCIDE.


As you will see from the most recent NEWS articles fires have raged through the park with devastating effects on wildlife and our remaining temperate rainforest of oaks – see NEWS section – UPDATED on Saturday 5th June – World Environment Day 2021.

Also An invasive species of flowering shrub – Rhododendron ponticum is prolific in the region and out of control and is suppressing the establishment of new oak trees. The red deer population is also a major contributory factor to the decline in the number of new oak trees.

As a former volunteer with Killarney Mountain Meitheal for a number of years it is Just Forests belief that we need to get the army in to deal with the invasive species issue-see article here.

Special thanks to ©Valerie O’Sullivan well-known Killarney photographer for kind permission to use some photos of the 1,977 people who took part in the Killarney Tree Hug during our Killarney Celebration of Trees Week in May 2016

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