On 22nd May-UN International Day on Biodiversity 2020, Just Forests held a public vigil in O’Connor Square, Tullamore to mark the occasion. We setup a sample Wood of Life exhibition by displaying a number of wood samples representing Ireland’s reliance on imported tropical, temperate and boreal timber.

Unfortunately, I had a visit from two Offaly County Council officials (individually-one hour between visits) who objected to my vigil and threatened to have me removed by the Gardai if I did not “packup” immediately.  I refused. I was accused of not applying for a “permit” to display a banner-whereas I informed the official that I did (and can proove that I did) but no one in Offaly County Council got back to me. I told the official to go and F**K off and do something useful and carried on talking to the numerous people that took time to visit the display and engage in the spirit of what IDB 2020 was all about.

Apart from having to deal with the arrogance of the official from Offaly County Council, the day in question was very, very, windy and blew down the display a few times – but we managed to get it up again and carry on with the message in hand.

I wrote to Offaly County Council  the following day requesting an apology but have not heard from them to date – 5th June 2021.

Find out more about what you can do during the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 – visit the website 



Preparing a display panel outside my workshop for the event in Tullamore to remember the ‘frontline defenders’ who gave their lives to protect the planet’s ecosystems from corrupt governments and multinationals hell-bent on profit all any cost.