For over one hundred years western society has worked out of an economic model of development that profits from environmental destruction, human rights abuses, the annihilation of biological diversity and catastrophic climate change. The main culprits are the fossil fuel industries and the industrial agriculture sector and including their downstream product and food producing sectors respectively. Collectively they are major destroyers of forests – the lungs of the Earth.

They poison our soils and our water and our biodiversity including our food pollinators with chemicals and render our air unbreathable with toxic fumes. The same corporations boast of their profits while hard-pressed and compliant tax-payers pick up the bill for their irresponsible and criminal activities.

Our main political parties as well as some of Ireland’s Higher Level Institutions have knowingly or otherwise facilitated this destructive economic policy. This must stop. It’s time for a new economic order that cherishes all life on Earth.

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The IPCC issued a ‘CODE RED’ in August 2021. We have less than 10 years to get global warming under some control.

We can’t continue ‘business as usual’ and have any chance of leaving our children and grand-children a healthy and abundant planet.

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