If ever there was a need for climate justice it is now. In fact, the climate justice movement is what’s keeping me going at the moment.

The voices of those who are most impacted by the climate crisis – and who bring the most ambitious demands to climate negotiations, have been silenced. Meanwhile a combination of vaccine apartheid, UK visa and accreditation regulations, unaffordable accommodation and changing travel rules have locked delegates and activists from the global South out of the talks.

At the same time hundreds of representatives from the world’s most reckless fossil fuel companies have managed to wiggle their way into COP26 where they will promote false solutions like carbon markets and offsetting, nature based solutions and loophole-ridden net zero pledges.

We can’t stay silent in the face of such injustice. It’s time to raise our voices and demand climate justice. So are you with us?

The COP26 climate talks are underway and it’s been hard to stomach. Rich countries have failed to commit to their fair share of emission reductions. As a result, the climate action pledges submitted so far according to Stop Climate Chaos (SCC) would leave us with 2.7 to 3 degrees of warming, far from the 1.5 degree limit we so badly need.

If COP26 does nothing else, it will focus many of us on the genuinely existential threats we face. For these few days, climate change, environmental collapse and calls for a fairer, more united world are high up the news agenda, and confronting those in power. This weekend is the best chance we’ve ever had to speak out to the world, unite and take back our futures from those who are not going to help us. 

Saturday 6th November is a Global Day of Action. It will make history, so be a part of it. Wherever you are, this is the day to join thousands and thousands of people who will be marching all over the world for climate justice. In Ireland, there will be organised marches across the country: Galway, Cork and Dublin. Get yourself along to one of them. Bring your voices, bring your banners and be there.