DATE: Monday 31 May, 2021

FROM: Just Forests, Rhode, Co Offaly

CONTACT: Tom Roche – Mobile: 086 8049389


Barking Up The ‘Rite’ Tree Goes Live this Earth Day

Just Forests latest development education programme, Barking Up the Rite Tree (BURT), will be launched on this Saturday 5th June – World Environment Day. 


“What sort of planet do you want your children to inherit? 

What rite of passage awaits them?” Tom Roche

 Barking Up The Rite Tree (BURT) is a series of projects and activities  for ADULTS. All projects are inspired by our reliance on nature for our livelihoods and developed by Just Forests over a number of years. Some have been revised and recently updated and will be an aide in supporting the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021- 2030. The UN Decade will be officially launched virtually this World Environment Day in the UN HQ in New York.

 “I am delighted to launch this timely series of projects and activities to raise awareness of the priceless contribution forests makes to our survival. We must start to restore and sustainably manage all our natural resources for future development and I would encourage all adults who’s livelihoods depends on the extraction of raw materials and services from nature to get involved – thus ensuring sustainable development for future generations. Our children-the next generation have a right to a ‘rite-of-passage’ to a new consumerist age that values and embraces a just, sustainable and abundant EARTH.” Tom Roche

To help support the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030, Just Forests has a number of very practical & colourful INTERACTIVE education resources using the ‘geoliteracy’ model of education in production. 

 “My favourite subject in primary school was geography. So, as an early school leaver the geoliteracy model of education – established by National Geographic, comes very natural to me. Geoliteracy is the ability to use geographic understanding and reasoning to make decisions.

And another great thing about the geoliteracy model of education is that you won’t need a BA, MBA, MSC or a PhD”, according to Tom

Whether we are making decisions about where to live, what precautions to take for natural hazards, or understanding human and natural systems, we are all called upon to make decisions that require geoliteracy throughout our lives. The ultimate goal of geoliteracy is to facilitate learners’ participation in decision making through the use of geographic understanding and reasoning. 

Over the coming months BURT-geoliteracy resources will be made available on this website ( All of the resources link political, economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects of nature together to help you to make choices that benefit people and wildlife. All of our actions have consequences. BURT will help participants to understand the interactions, interconnections and implications of such actions.

There has never been a more urgent need to restore damaged ecosystems than now. Ecosystems support all life on Earth. The healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier the planet – and its people. Just Forests latest development education programme, Barking Up the Rite Tree (BURT), will give guidance to all who care about true sustainability.  You can get involved at:




Rites of passage – ceremonies that mark important transitional periods in a person’s life, such as birth, puberty, marriage, having children, and death-involves a significant change of status in society. Just Forests believes today’s children have a right to a planet which will sustain them economically, socially, environmentally and culturally. What sort of planet do you want your children to inherit? What rite of passage awaits them?